Chasers Policy

Our policy is to serve customers in a friendly, responsible and professional manner and to provide at all times an environment in which our patrons may enjoy themselves.

This will be achieved through ongoing training and development of our staff and through regular maintenance of Geddes Lounge and our facilities.

Chasers Alcohol and Drug Policy

We are committed to minimising any harm that may arise from the misuse and abuse of alcohol by adopting the strategies above and ensuring that the supply of alcohol does not detract from the amenity of community life.

Please remember to consume alcohol responsibly and in moderation. Under Victorian Law it is an offence to consume alcohol on licensed premises whilst intoxicated. Any person deemed to be intoxicated will be asked to leave the venue.

Please be advised that as the use of illegal drugs is a criminal offence, such behaviour will not be tolerated at this venue. Persons in violation of this will be escorted off the premises and subject to arrest.